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30 Hours

JAVA programming course is intended for those who wish to learn programming concepts. This training course provides students with a foundational knowledge of the Java platform and Java language required to build stand-alone Java applications. It effectively designed to upgrade your programming chops into expert – level territory.

  • Anyone interested in learning about Programming Languages
  • Anyone interested in learning IT courses

  • Basic Computer Knowledge
  • Basic knowledge about Software’s

  • Learn components of a Visual Basic application.
  • Use ActiveX controls.
  • Distinguish between event-driven vs. procedural programming.
  • Create forms and menus.
  • Manipulate form and control properties.
  • Compile an application with the native code compiler.
  • Debugging errors.
  • Database support to your application.

Core Java Programming Course Fee is 350 BHD


  • 30 Hours of Classroom Training
  • Study Materials

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