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Microsoft Access VBA Classroom Training Course

Microsoft Access VBA Programming Classes

Course Overview

  • Starts on Content Us
  • Frequency's / Timing TBA
  • Duration 24 hours

The course Access VBA teaches in-depth VBA programming techniques that enable the developer to go beyond capabilities offered by basic Access usage and smooth out the rough edges that Access leaves behind. This course enables delegates to get good understanding of the features available in the VBA language to help them on the way to becoming proficient database application developers.

Who Should Attend?

Access VBA is for highly skilled developers who wish to add high-end automation.


  • This course requires a sound working knowledge of Access

Benifits of Attending

  • Understand how the Visual Basic editor works in Access.
  • Learn to work with the VBA object model.
  • Learn to work with VBA object variables.
  • Learn to work with string variables.
  • Learn to work with date variables.
  • Learn to work with numeric variables.
  • Learn to use the selection structure.
  • Learn to use the Select Case statement and the MsgBox function.
  • Learn to work with the repetition structure.
  • Learn to work with option button, check box, and list box controls.
  • Learn to use Automation and to trap errors.

Course Fee & Exam Fee

MS Access VBA Course Fee is 350 BHD

  • 24 Hours of Classroom Training
  • Study Materials

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