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Professional 3D Laser Scanning Training Classes in Qatar

3D Laser Scanning Conversion Course in Qatar

Learn the most In-DEMAND 3D laser Scanning Technology for the construction sector from leading industry experts.

Course Background

3D Laser Scanning Courses

Laser Scanning for building construction is being applied most often to existing structures, but is also seeing an advent of applications relating to new construction work. Scanning technology is becoming a critical function necessary to complete the integrated BIM cycle and provides a clear value-add for the integrated BIM workflow. This course will serve as a practical guide to understand how scanning technology can be applied to the BIM and construction workflow. You will get to understand different ways that scanning technology can be used to optimize the building construction process, while also reducing project risk, cost, and time to complete.

Course Background

3D Laser scanning technology has gained significant importance in recent days in various sectors of engineering. To understand how scanning technology can be applied to the integrated BIM workflow we must understand,

  • What laser scanning is?
  • What basic functions it intends to serve?
  • Resulting output and process
  • Level of Details and Accuracies in Construction
  • Resulting Value addition and Cost Benefits

Opportunities in Qatar

  • 3D Laser Scan is widely used in Qatar for inspections and generating as-built drawings/BIM as built Models in all disciples such us architecture, Structure, MEP
  • Various governmental agencies are preparing to create 3D data sets of their assets which will require extensive use of scanning.
  • The 28,000 KM (still growing) of roads that are to be digitalized with Laser scanning
  • With the planned increased of Production facilities in GAS industry Laser scanning is pivotal for the O&M companies for inspections.
  • Laser scanning is a Mandatory requirement in many construction sequencing

The application of 3D Laser scan extends to various other sectors.

Course Duration: 30 Hours

Course Contents

Chapter 1: Data Acquisition

  • Resource
  • Instrument Verification
  • Project Plan
  • Data Collection
  • Target Survey

Chapter 2: Processing

  • Point Cloud Processing
  • Adjustment & Registrations
  • Point Cloud Generation
  • Geo-referencing
  • Export for production

Chapter 3: Production

  • Classification & feature extraction
  • As-build & plan detailing
  • Feature modelling verification
  • Export to CAD packages

Chapter 4: Delivery

  • Quality checks
  • CAD Layouts
  • Delivery & acceptance

Trainer Profile

Mr. Allah Pichai
Seasoned technologist and proactive leader with 18 years of experience in geospatial product support and solutions.Worked in various domains including Topographical survey, GIS data collection, Infrastructure Engineering, Urban Mapping, 3D terrestrial laser scanning, BIM and Infra Asset Digitalisation. Well versed with software technologies that play along BIM and Scanning Technologies to create user friendly solutions for the end client.

Mr. Nagarajan
Seasoned construction professional with 16 plus years of experience in all round the life cycle of construction industry. Part of many successful and iconic projects such as Barwa City, Barwa Commercial Avenue, Burj Towers etc.Played key role in early adoption of technologies into business which resulted in exponential growth of Conserve. Worked with ETA M&E, AECOM and served as third Party Engineering advisor for various companies.

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