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How to prepare for MME UPDA/MMUP Mechanical Engineering Exam?

In this article, we will particularly discuss what and how you have to study for MME UPDA/MMUP Mechanical Engineering exam

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The tricky part of the exam is that MME have not declared the syllabus for the exam as there are professionals from multiple countries. Most countries have 50 plus subjects and questions are distributed across all the subjects. The good part is that the pass mark required is only 50%. The smart way to pass the exam is focus on the right areas.

Important Topics

Based on my interaction with more than 50 professionals, I will recommend to focus on the contents below

  • Understand various units of measurement and their conversion. There can be numerical problems where you are required to convert units
  • Thermodynamics: Gas laws, Thermodynamic cycles, Thermodynamic laws
  • Refrigeration & Air Conditioning: Refrigeration cycles with attention to vapor compression cycle – you need to understand the various components and accessories of vapor compression cycle, COP, Carnot cycle, Understand basic psychrometric properties and process.
  • Fluid Mechanics: Continuity equation, Bernoulis equation, flow through pipes, newtons law of viscosity, various types of flow, buoyancy and, Archimedes principle
  • Engineering Mechanics – Statics, parallelogram of forces, Newtons law, Problems associated with straight line motion, projectile motion, Hooks law, problems with stiffness of spring, problems based on body on inclined plane
  • Strength of Materials – Stress strain curve, various modulus of elasticity, poison’s ratio
  • Components of HVAC ducting system
  • Fire fighting system -Components of Fire Fighting system, Classification of Hazards, Components of a Sprinkler System, Types of Sprinkler Systems, Types of Sprinkler heads, Classification of Occupancies, Standpipe and Hose system, Foam and water system, NFPA standards, Dampers, Preventive Maintenance and inspection schedule.
  • Project Management Fundamentals.
Preparation Tips

Based on my interview kindly note the following as your preparation tips

  • Most candidates find the numerical problems difficult even though they are with simple formula, make some effort to memorize important formula
  • Practice some problems. Try to practice with calculator in the computer. In the exam you can use only the calculator in the pc
  • One of the key observation, the pass ratio is more with young candidates. The reason I guess is that they are more close to the academics and remember the key formulae. So if you are old, please take extra effort in preparing for the exam
  • Another key observation is that candidates who worked in Engineering or Consultancy find it comparatively easy against candidates who are based in site. The point is that if you are site based person take some effort to understand the engineering part of the systems especially hvac and fire fighting.

I have to declare that I have personally not appeared for the exam but spent lot of hours interacting with more than 50 candidates who appeared for the exam in the last 6 months. Also I have made significant effort researching the experience of candidates who posted their experience online.